Are you ready to explore Citizens Xelerator materials!? We challenge you to do it!

We are pleased to present you the new resources created by our project: the LifeComp Cards and the Citizens Xelerator Model & Kit.

The LifeComp Cards are composed by 9 cards, covering 3 areas of competences – Perosnal, Social and Learning – covering the following 9 topics:

These cards are available online and a printed version will be prepared to distribute among adult education professionals and organizations from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Romania and Ireland.

What can you do with these cards? As an adult education professional, you can work with adult learners and guide them in the identification of their personal, social and learning competences acquired in formal, non-formal and informal learning contexts. Besides valuing the life competences of the adults, you work with you can also identify opportunities to them improve these competences in the Citizens Xelerator Lab.

How can you contribute to the development of these (and other) competences of adult learners? By using the Citizens Xelerator model and kit that we have just prepared (check it here).

The Citizens Xelerator model and kit offers an approach to empower adults facing literacy challenges, aims to improve, and encourage democratic and civic involvement in their communities. It is composed by:

It gives facilitators and participants a clear roadmap for effective brainstorming sessions.

Provides practical instructions on how to transform ideas into action.

It contains resources, creative ideas, and templates for smooth execution of Citizens Xelerator Days, these events will happen between February/2024 to November/2025 in Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Germany, Greece , Italy, Irland, with the goal to promote our tools and increase the network.

Composed by educational modules to create their own initiatives.