Model and kit


Developed within the framework of the Citizens Xelerator project, this model and kit provide a structured approach to enable adults with unmet literacy needs to enhance their literacy, and promote democratic and civic engagement in their local communities. The model focuses on promoting personal, social, and learning competences while encouraging active participation in community initiatives.


The main objective of the Think Tank Manual is to offer facilitators a comprehensive guide to effectively supporting adults with unmet literacy needs in identifying, addressing, and developing solutions to societal-local challenges within their communities. By providing step-by-step instructions, methodologies and resources, this manual aims to empower facilitators to create an inclusive and engaging environment that encourages active participation and collaboration among participants, through the development of brainstorming sessions.


This ‘Create your Action!’ Booklet is a step-by-step guide to preparing and promoting local actions. From planning to doing, you will go through four main steps in three different phases (before, during and after the action). Each step has different questions and examples to help you easily move from one step to another and reach your final goal.


This ‘Citizens Xelerator Planning Guide’ is a resource that can be used by all organisations arranging public activities to raise awareness of important topics related to democratic and civic engagement and the empowerment of people. This will be done by celebrating days with activities—face-to-face, online or hybrid—involving all communities.


These Citizens Xelerator microlearning sessions offer a strategic and effective approach to adult education by embracing the principles of small, focused, and interactive learning activities. With a diverse range of topics encompassing crucial competencies such as financial literacy, social empathy, and intercultural competence, they provide a versatile platform for learners to engage actively in their personal and professional development.

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