First (online) meeting of Xelerators

On 10 and 11 January 2023, partners of the CitizensXelerator project met online for the first time.

A total of 9 organizations from 8 European countries (Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Italy, Ireland, and Germany) will take part in the CitizensXelerator project with the aim to:

  • upscale and test the potential of the European tool LifeComp: The European framework for the personal, social and learning to learn key competence as a resource to promote the literacy and key competences of adults with unmet literacy needs
  • develop, test and mainstream a model and resources for the assessment and development of personal, social and learning competences of adults with unmet literacy needs
  • create, provide and apply microlearning sessions fostering the financial, entrepreneurial, digital and sustainable literacy of adults,
  • launch a model and kit pilot action for democratic and civic participation, fostering its multiplication and mainstreaming at regional, national, and European levels

All of the CitizensXelerator materials for developing literacy and key competences of adults will be available here so keep an eye out.

Let’s start xelerating!